Done Roving Farm Yarns

Our Story Began on the Farm

We dye all our yarns in our studio on our farm in the quiet little town of Charlotte, Maine about 30 minutes from the most easterly point in the United States.  We live in Washington County, Maine or "The Sunrise County."  Two close-by towns lay claim as the most easterly point--Eastport and Lubec with contests surrounding where the sun rises and actually illuminates first.  That is just one of our area's claim to fame.  Of course, you can't beat our lobsters (lobstahs) and scenic water views.  We are blessed with hundreds of miles of ocean coast and so many clean, beautiful lakes at our disposal.  It is a wonderful place to live, work and play. 

About our yarns, I never intended to be dyeing yarns and marketing to shops all over the country.  But, life has a way of creating new journeys for us if we are paying attention.  With a background in decorating, the color wheel was calling me from the minute I began working with fiber.  A small flock of sheep in the backyard grew to a small business in a matter of a couple years.  Fiber classes, country fairs, spinning groups and about seventy five sheep with all types of fiber became my inspiration.  For eight years, we successfully ran a full-service fiber processing mill and processed an average of 2,000 lbs. of fiber for other fiber enthusiasts.  We processed our own fibers into value-added products to include roving, yarn, felt as well as finished items.  These finished items included rugs, knitted items, jackets, hats, slippers, mittens, etc.  You get the idea.  We traveled to shows all over the Northeast and built quite a name and following.  However, all came to a screeching halt when we lost our flock to a vicious dog attack and a long legal battle that left us worn out with the realization that we needed to revisit our once successful business plan to figure out the new journey for our business.  From this experience, Done Roving Farm Yarns was born.

This is our first year (2010) to actually go on the road as a new company offering new products.  We are still a family-run business and offer products that are "typically" practical in skein sizes that are useful for everyday projects -- yet I hope the colorways never become typical or practical.  My colorways are inspired by what surrounds me--the farm, the landscape, the seashore, the seasons, and the grandkids.  The colors come to me in those very short, very cold, very dark days of a Maine winter.  The studio has a different look on these days--it has a lot of bright light, a lot of loud music and a lot of color play.  That's the best way I know of to deal with a long Maine winter.

We want your experience with Done Roving Farm Yarns to be a happy and healthy one.  We try to consider the best way to accomplish this by not using harmful chemicals or a lot of fragrances.  We try to splice all yarns and only tie ends when our equipment isn't up for the job.  We won't make you buy more than you want of one color, but we will encourage you to buy an ample amount of each spin to have the look and choice for successful sales.  We offer a small minimum first order to get you started. 

We hope you have a great experience with our company and encourage you to contact us with your questions or requests.


Paula & Stephen Farrar