Questions You've Asked Worth Sharing

  Question #1

I have one skein of Cherries Jubilee left over from a project and would like to use it to make another project which uses two skeins--any suggestions?



Buy another skein of Cherries Jubilee and alternate knit rows to homogenize the colors between the two skeins or use a monochromatic color such as Appropriately Pewter or Sometimes Red for a totally cool effect.


Question #2

I am finding that my skein of Christmas Cactus in Frolicking Feet is making my hands red.  It washes right off my hands, but how can I set the red color.



Unfortunately this happens every once in awhile and some folks are more prone to it than others.  To exhaust the color at home put cold water and white vinegar in your washer with your project (DO NOT AGITATE). Let your project soak and spin out your project.  Then, rinse with cold water until water is clear --spin and dry as usual.  My caution to you:  Do not close the washer lid until ready to spin and do not allow the water to run in on your project! 

You are merely using the washer because it is convenient and can use the spin cycle.  Spinning will not felt--agitating will.


Question #3

I get lots of questions concerning felted projects.  Most often I have discovered these folks are using front-load washers and felting doesn't work as well because there is no agitation.  Here is how I felt in my top-loader.

  • Lots of hot soapy water (Dawn works well)
  • 3-4 pair of heavy dungarees
  • The fastest agitation my machine offers
  • Check every 5 minutes
  • Cold water rinse
  • If desired, dry in dryer, on hat stand, etc.

Question #4

I have a skein of Elegant Ewe --TerraCotta and there are white marks below the ties.  Is this normal?



Yes, this is normal for us. The reason is in monochromatic coloring we are striving to create a shading that will take you from white/light tones to the darker hues in this colorway.  Now, we do find that we get too much color beneath the tie occasionally for our liking.