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Naturally-raised Grass Fed Meats

Our beef and lamb are grass fed eating only grasses, hay and supplemental minerals .  We don't use growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.  All meats are processed at federal inspected butchers, packaged and labeled in this manner as well.  We raise all our animals in the same manner while being committed to good pasture management practices to leave the smallest footprint behind on our land. 

Why Grassfed?  Check out the health benefits and reasons for eating grassfed meat at



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Lamb chops   13.00/lb
Crown Rack    13.0/lb
Leg of Lamb  8.00/lb
Boned & Rolled Roast   


Ground Lamb     8.00/lb
Stew Meat 8.00/lb
Riblets  5.00/lb
Organ Meats  5.00/lb
Shanks 7.00/lb
Kebabs 10.00/lb

We invite you to try the mouth-watering fresh-from-the-farm flavor of our All-Natural lean beef.   It's documented that Highland beef is lower in fat and cholesterol than any other meat source; even lower than chicken, turkey or buffalo.   Our health-conscious consumers can have beef and eat heart healthy too! Our hamburger is so lean, you have to coat your pan with olive oil!



Porterhouse 14.00/lb
T-Bone T 13.00/lb
NY   12.00/lb
Rib Eye   13.00/lb
Top Round   7.00/lb
Sandwich Steak   7.00/lb
Tenderloin   15.00/lb
Cubed Steak 10.00/lb
London Broil 7.00/lb


Pot Roast 6.50/lb
Eye of the Round/Sirloin Tip 9.00/lb
Standing Rib 13.00/lb
Round Roast  6.50/lb


Short Ribs  6.50/lb
Stew Meat 6.50/lb
Ground Beef 6.50/lb
Soup bones/dog bones 5.00/lb


Specialty Sausages

Ground Lamb, beef & pork bulk sausage--sweet, hot, chorizo, garlic or homestyle 8.00/lb
Lamb, beef & pork mix--in casings--garlic, sweet, hot, chorizo or homestyle 8.00/lb
Mutton & pork in casing--zesty (a garlic citrus zest), homestyle and apple with Maine maple syrup 8.00/lb
Pork Breakfast Sausage

Pork Breakfast Sausage with cranberry & sage



All-natural meat franks & smoked franks 7.00/lb & 8.00/lb


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Grassfed Cooking Tips

  1. Get & use a good meat thermometer--Grassfed meats are most tender and flavorful cooked rare or medium rare.

  2. Turn down the cooking heat

  3. Learn the difference in dry & moist heat cooking and when to use each

  4. Back off on the seasonings and sauces--Grass-fed is flavorful on its own

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