Kidding Ewe

 55/45 Mohair/Fine Wool

Luxurious, Lustrous and Absolutely The Most Dreamy Yarn!

This is one of our most popular yarn.   It is a pleasure to knit with--has wonderful drape and vivid color.

Approximately 4-1/2-5 sts/inch

Suggested needle sizes 5-7

Newest Color

20. Hot Embers

Handpainted Colors

1. First Light

A gold, pink, mauve and brick combination that might remind you of the first light of a summer's day


2.  Olive Branch

Maroon, green, olives, khaki, tan, brown and

 gray--No blue or aqua tones


 3. Golden Harvest

Golden tones of mustard, khaki, persimmon, beige and charcoal


4.  Old Sturbridge

Deep color shades of maroon, gray, and toffee

5. Dragonfly Dance

6. Kaleidoscope Knit

All the colors you might find in a child's kaleidoscope--red, green, blue and undertones of all those colors.

7. Cranberry Bog

Maroon and green tones

13. Cherries Jubilee

Red, maroon, green and gray

14. Neon Mayhem


                Knitting Pure & Simple Rolled Neck Pattern

8. Southwestern Pleasure

Gold, brown, turquoise and persimmon

9. Barrens Downeast

10. Flowering Sage

Flowering Sage Sock in Progress

11. Mulberry Wine

12. Burnt Sienna


Colors have changed slightly--more vibrant than previously.

Monochrome Colors

15. Sometimes Red

16. Untrue Blue

17. Appropriately Pewter

18. Periwinkle

Periwinkle blue tones to deep purple tones.  Great transition of color.

19. Grape

Retiring & Limited Quantity Kidding Ewe Colorways

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