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This made beautiful colored mohair roving!


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Before shipping your fleece, please call or email ahead. At this time, we will discuss your needs and the different options available. Remember to prepare your fleece before shipping. Thoroughly skirt your fleece and remove as much vegetation, dung tangs, burdocks, and the less desirable parts of the fleece.


Thoroughly skirt and remove any undesirable fleece. This will assure you that you will be returned a better finished product.


Gentle washing and conditioning provides the best conditions to prepare fleece for picking without overworking the fiber. If you are washing your own fibers, please make sure the fiber that you send is not greasy. This will result in a rewash and an additional expense.


This process includes fiber teasing and color blending before carding. Picks open the ends and loosens the fibers. For a different look, fibers may be blended at this stage.



Carding is the final process in aligning the fibers for roving or batts.  Blending of fiber may be done at this stage for a less homogenized look.  We will gladly process small orders --less than two pounds however there is a flat fee of $15.00 for these fleeces to wash, pick and card to roving and batts. 



Roving that will be spun is treated with a light spinning oil.  Many variations and novelties are available and welcome.  Setting the twist and removing spinning oils is done prior to shipping.  All spinning jobs quoted per job.



Felted yardage (3' x 4' sheets) are made as well as other felted products.   Hats, vests, wallhangings,
rugs, etc.  This service is available for many options--our imaginations are the limit!  We
will quote on special projects and designs.


Pricing Schedule

Picking & Carding (Includes washing costs)
All fibers 11.00/lb
Custom blends quoted
(1-3) 3'x4' Felted sheets $22.00 each
4 or more 17.00 each
Spinning (Limited spinning done)
All spinning quoted

As always custom & novelty work is welcome and will
be quoted per job.

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