Tapping Tootsees

60/30/10 Superwash Merino, bamboo & nylon

434 yard skeins/4 ounces

Soft and luxurious

24. Harbor Haze


23. Earthtones

22. Cranberry Mousse

21. Blue Flamingo

20. Cherry Pits

19. Christmas Cactus

18. Copper Pennies

17. Highland Haze

16. Blue Jeans

15. Pot 'O Gold

14. Pineland

13. Woodsman

12. Raspberry Brambles


  The Raspberry Brambles & Woodsman colorway is an "off-the-wall" dye technique I call "infused" dyeing.  Every dye bath may have a little different twist to the colorway.  I have knit with two totally different looking skeins and still have a very wonderful outcome.  It is one of those "misbehaving" techniques that won't be for everyone.  If you like surprises and are a bit adventurous, this is a dye method "must try" for you.  I hope you can enjoy this colorway as much as I do.

11. Tutti Frutti

10. Flamingo

9. Chicory

8. Summer Sunrise

7. Citrus Sorbet

6. Cardinals In The Pines

5. Champagne Melon

4. Tangerine Twist

3. Dusty Gems

2. Whitecaps

1. Smoke & Embers


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